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Down Payment Grant Programs

Feeling like saving for that down payment is impossible? Our 0% Down payment Assistance Program, (DPA),  is made to eliminate that feeling. If it’s your first home or last, closing with the DPA program allows you to get into a home at Zero down with a 0-3.5% down payment grant by United Security Financial. These are GRANT funds meaning no repayment required, and NO hard/soft 2nd Mortgage! Finally a product that makes the American Dream a reality at no cost to the hard working american, you.

Down Payment Grants Fit To You!

  •  Conventional Loan Product
  • No 1st Time Homebuyer requirement
  • 3% down- Provided in Full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • No income limit in low income census tracts
  • 640+ Credit score to qualify
  • 680+ Credit score, no loan level price adjustment
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage, Fannie Mae HomeReady®, 30-year Fixed Rate*
  • 1-Unit Single Family Primary Residence: Including Eligiblee condos, co-ops and PUDs
  • Reduced MI to 25%
  • Non-occupant Co-Borrowers/Co-signers may be permissible
  • Up to 100% of AMI
  • Cash Back to Borrower: Refund of borrower’s earnest deposit money
  • FHA Loan Product
  • No 1st Time Homebuyer Requirement
  • 3.5% Down – Provided in Full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • Maximum Loan Amount: Varies by County & State per FHA
  • 620+ Credit Score to Qualify
  • Up to 120% AMI
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage FHA Loan Product 203 (b) & 203(c)
  • FHA 203 (b) 1-2 Unit Primary Residence
  • FHA 203 (c) Condo Unit Primary Residence
  • Conventional Loan Products
  • Underlying 1st Mortgage Fannie Mae Conventional, 30 Yr Fixed Rate*
  • 1-Unit Single Family Primary Residence: Including eligible condos, co-ops and PUDs
  • MI 30%-35%
  • 640+ Credit Score
  • 5% Down – 3% provided by Eagle Connect Fund, 2% provided by borrower or other Gift Funds
  • Up to 120% AMI
  • No 1st time homebuyer requirement
  • 3% Down – Provided in full by Eagle Connect Fund
  • NO income limits
  • Must be 1st time homebuyer
  • Up to $721,050 loan amount, varies by county and state per FNMA guidelines
"From beginning to end, working with United Security Financial was a pleasant experience."
J. Hall
BBB Review
AMAZING!!! Very thorough in making sure I knew exactly what I was getting into. No surprises! They are very transparent. 1000% satisfied!!!!
Leonardo Lozano
Google Review
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How Our DPA Grant Works

What is DPA?

(Down Payment Assistance) – A grant program created to provide qualified borrowers funds to assist them in their down payment. This program is  approved by the government  and FNMA.

How Much is the Grant

The amount of assistance is up to you…. 0-3.5% Down. That is $13,593 on a $453,100 loan amount! Keep those saved up funds in your bank account, or furnish your new home with it! We have your down payment covered! 

Nationwide DPA Grant Program

  • 100% Grant, NOT a hard 2nd Mortgage
  • Grant for Conventional Loans, Allows zero-down financing options to be available for all qualified borrowers. 
  • Instant Equity
  • No upfront fee Approval

What's Required?

  • Straight forward FNMA underwriting
  • 620 FICO minimum
  • Rewards and benefits of 680+ FICO scores
  • No first-time homebuyer restrictions
  • No income* or geographic restrictions
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