MD/Doctor Student Loan Omit Program

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MD/Doctor Student Loan Omit Program

Student debt acquired by med school students often effects their credit significantly. This can effect qualification of a home, even though your income can actually afford the home but student debt holds your credit score hostage. 

As a result USF has created a program that allows us to hold out past medical school debt while qualifying you for a loan. Ultimately this practice raises your credit score to help  qualify for a higher loan value if it weren’t for current student debt. This program assists you in getting into a home your income can and will be able to provide even with school debt expenses.

Get into the home your income can afford not your credit. 

Avg High-Low Credit W/Student Debt
Avg Low-High Credit W/O Student Debt

How it works.

How It Effects You

Your student loans, typically large from med school, drag your credit score significantly low! Typically anywhere from 50-100 Points

Omit Credit in Buying

While you are buying we Omit your student loans to give you the advantage of buying and a higher approved loan amount. 

Why It Helps You

By omitting those student loans this optimizes your approved loan amount, getting you more home you can afford than your credit shows. 

About Payments

Although we omit the student loans during the approval process, we assure you will still be able to afford your mortgage and loan payments. 

"Don't Let Student Debt Hold Back Your Dream Home"

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