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A Summer of Heroes

October 6th, 2017

This summer the United States has suffered hurricanes, subsequent flooding, wild fires spread throughout the west, and the latest, perhaps most horrific of all, was the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. History – the Las Vegas Festival Shooting – where a man shot and killed 59 people in just a few minutes.

However, amidst the unspeakable tragedy so many have suffered, there are heroes. They often don’t want to be known by that title, such as Johnathan Smith, to the 6-year-old girl Jenna, who refused to let others go without comfort as homes and entire towns were reduced to rubble by the largest hurricane ever to hit the U.S.

Let’s start with Jenna, the 6-year-old Savannah girl who decided she wanted to help those who had lost so much. She organized a stuffed animal drive in her hometown, hoping to get a few “comfort” animals to send to the child victims of the hurricane who no longer had homes to live in, With each animal she sends out, she hugs the animal and writes a note to send along with it. She said she wanted to “send them stuffed animals, so they would have something to cuddle with when they were sad. Jenna said when she is afraid, she clings to her own stuffed friends.”

One nearby thrift store donated all of their stuffed animals and her mother’s friend in Kansas have donated as well as people from Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California and Michigan.. Local and national news networks are calling for interviews. She may be small, but she is making a difference.

Another hero is Jonathan Smith, who helped save 30 people, while taking a shot to his neck and arm – which, in turn, caused him to need a savior himself.

Jack Beaton and Sonny melton,, another heroes, even if only to their family, both jumped in front of their wives and were shot multiple times. But saved the lives of the women they loved. Men were definitely not the only ones to try to save those they loved – a new mother jumped in front of her boyfriend to shield him after he was shot in the head, and was shot herself in this act. They both survived.

Taylor Winston – a marine vet- and his friend Jenn Lewis, stole a nearby truck, filled it with the high priority injured, and made several trips to a nearby hospital.  A man in a “red hat” was seen helping those in need and directing traffic to get those struggling the help they needed. Even though we don’t know how many survived – the actions of these few likely saved many.

A firefighter, Steve Keys, one of the first responders was shot while performing CPR on a woman at the concert, but stayed and continued to help. There was even a couple who sought shelter during the shooting, but returned to the horrific scene to help where they could when the shots stopped. “That’s being a human being,” said Dawn-Marie. “That’s doing our job.”

There are many more heroes this year. From the firefighters to the first responders and those “regular people” who gave their lives to save others. There is no longer reason to look up to the superheroes of comic books, especially when we have these sort of heroes in our midst.





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